A Conversation with Kuthumi
     Kuthumi, why do you make yourself available for this work?
      I do this work because we, as members of the Adam Kadmon Race are in a continuum of change, a continuum of evolution and none of us can clear entirely until all of us can clear. The energies are such at this time that there is a network of energy, if you will, or the conditions are correct to make a great deal of change in the median level of our consciousness as a race. So, as we do the work and clear individually, we create a state of critical mass which allows for transformation and change. When the critical mass is large enough then the race as a whole has the opportunity to make a quantum leap forward in it's general condition.

     None of us can clear and move away totally from that which we are a part of because we are all connected. So, I make myself available for individuals to clear, to become conscious about their experience, to become more aware of what they want and what they are trying to accomplish in their evolutionary process. As clarity becomes more prevalent, then more and more will begin to come clear and individuals will be able to move forward in their process more effectively and the consciousness of the race as a whole will transform and change.
      What do you ask of those who choose to work with you?
      Simply that they do the work and be more responsible for their own process. There is nothing more to ask. We are all in this together. It is my job, my work, my responsibility. It is what I do.
      Channeled by Ruth A. Craig.
      In his last known incarnation, the Master Kuthumi lived and taught during the late 19th Century. He reportedly worked with Madame Blavatsky and the founders of Theosophy. There are those who believe he has lived and worked among us many times in many guises. Others are convinced otherwise. We simply listen.